USPS Advanced Flat Rate Box Module
Posted by Doug Sherman on 14 Dec 15 06:04 PM

AuctionInc is pleased to announce the release of an enhancement that adds new advanced functionality for USPS flat rate boxes. These advanced features are included with our ShopCart and Single Seller API subscriptions, available as an Add-on for our Third-Party Cart Multi-Carrier plugin subscriptions, and also as a stand-alone plugin for WooCommerce or Magento.

As you know, the USPS flat rate boxes are (well, mostly) the best deal in package shipping. A 10-lb box going from Boston to Los Angeles, for example, costs $37 (retail) in your own box, but only $12.65 in a medium flat rate box. Not bad!

On the other hand, a 1-lb box costs only $7.15 in your own box -- so you cant use the flat rate boxes indiscriminately.

AuctionInc has long offered great support for these boxes, but now, with our Advanced release, our capabilities are substantially improved:

  • Select the specific flat rate boxes you use;
  • Set the percentage utilization of the boxes, to allow space for any packing materials;
  • Determine if you want to compare the cost of the flat rate box into which your cart items fit to the regular calculated rate, and even set the percentage differential to control if the regular rate is used;
  • If you qualify for Commercial Plus rates, quote the Cubic flat rate box price (which allows you to use your own boxes at flat rate pricing) to your customers.

For ShopCart and Single Seller API subscriptions, you will find these additional options on the USPS tab of your AuctionInc Carrier Settings page. To add on to your Multi-Carrier extension for a small fee, go to your AuctionInc Product Subscription page.

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