May 2015 USPS Rate Increase
Posted by Doug Sherman on 31 May 15 08:28 PM

[May 31 2015]

USPS rates go up today for most USPS services and fees. Fortunately, for the most popular service our sellers use, Domestic Priority Mail, there is no increase this year (and prices were actually reduced last Sept). That goes for the domestic flat rate boxes as well. Domestic Priority Express also avioids the hike

Increases do include:

  • First Class Package Service will see an increase of 5% for domestic delivery, and 7% for international destinations.
  • Standard Post pricing will increase on average by 10%.
  • Priority Mail International to Canada goes from one rate from all US locations to Canada to a "zoned" pricing with seven tiers.
  • Priority Mail International increases overall about 5% (and 7% for Express), but to Canada the increases averages 12% overall.  However, the closer zones to our northern neighbor will enjoy a rate drop of about 4%.
  • USPS insurance rates are increasing by an average of 5% up to $200 coverage , but rates for $200-$500 coverage will decrease an average of 14%.

On the "plus" side, tracking is now free for all USPS services. And the cost of a First Class letter stamp holds at 49 cents!

The most important news, however, is that USPS continues to avoid moving, at least this year, to "dimensional" rates. This means a big savings for lighter, larger packages when compared to UPS and Fedex.

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