USPS Priority Rates Update: Good News!
Posted by Doug Sherman on 05 Sep 14 03:41 PM

[dateline 09-05-2014]

AuctionInc is pleased to pass on some good news! USPS is implementing a rate update this weekend, mostly affecting Priority Mail, and AuctionInc will be ready with new rates for both the calculated services and the flat rate boxes. 

And, for a change, the rate update will include a price decrease for some weights and zones, mostly for heavier items, as the USPS seeks to exploit its pricing advantages for package services.  Commercial Base customers will particularly see benefits. 

Commercial Base pricing, for example, will reflect:

  • 25% average savings over FedEx/UPS Ground for Priority Mail packages weighing 5-10 lbs sent to zones 1-5
  • 39% average savings over current rates for Priority Mail packages weighing 10-15 lbs sent to zones 1-5
Retail customers wont be left out, though; overall rates will decrease an average of a 5% drop for packages from 10-20 lbs across all zones. (But under 5 lb, Retail customers will be seeing an average increase of about 2.6%.  The flat rate box retail pricing is also going up slightly.)

Here is an article from USPS explaining their strategy and summarizing the rate changes.




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