Configuration Options for USPS Standard Post Enhanced
Posted by Doug Sherman on 18 Mar 14 01:57 AM

USPS's Standard Post service has been in significant transition in recent months. As many of our sellers have had questions and concerns that relate to this service, a summary of these changes may be helpful:

January 2013: Service name changed from Parcel Post to Standard Post

Jan 26 2014: As part of their annual rate increase, Standard Post rates increased for 2014 to match Priority Mail rates for Zones 1 - 4 (ship origin and destination within 600 miles).  Because the rates are now identical, Standard Post is no longer available for zones 1-4. 

March 7 2014: USPS re-enables Standard Post for zones 1-4 for oversized packages.

AuctionInc has been managing these changes for you as they have occurred. We have also taken the opportunity to also review other aspects of our handling of this service in light of our discussions with our sellers.

Standard Post is unique among the non-specialized domestic package services in that it is not eligible for Commercial Base rates and online postage is not available. Postage must be purchased at a USPS Post Office.  Most of our sellers, however, still prefer to offer this service even if they have configured their account to quote commercial base rates for other services, and AuctionInc has included Standard Post, with a retail rate, for sellers who have configured to quote Commercial Base rates.

However, some sellers prefer to only print labels online. To accomodate this, we have added a new "Entry Point" for USPS that will not return any USPS service for which online postage is not available: "Commercial Base Only".

Our three configuration settings for USPS Entry Point are now:

  • Retail Rates
  • Commercial Base (when available):   
  • Commercial Base Only

IF you are quoting Commercial Base and prefer to include Standard Post, you need do nothing; this is the default for all existing Commercial Base accounts. But if you prefer to exclude all services where online postage is not available, change your Entry Point (Carrier Settings page/USPS tab) to "Commercial Base Only".

The specialized services of Media Mail (books & tapes) and Library Mail  (non-profits) are also affected, as these services also are not available for online postage. If you have either enabled, they are also included for Commercial Base (when available) and excluded for Commercial Base Only.