2014 USPS Rates LIve
Posted by Doug Sherman on 26 Jan 14 06:37 PM

USPS's annual rate hike goes into effect today, and of course all AuctionInc USPS rates reflect this change. The overall price hike this year averages 2.4%, modest in comparison to UPS and FedEx. Some rates -- such as some of the most popular flat rate box sizes, including small and medium-- are staying the same, and a few rates are even dropping a little (such as commercial base rates for Priority International). First Class International rates are also staying put. Domestic First Class Package service, on the other hand, goes from a starting retail rate of $2.07 up to $2.32.

Standard Post rates now exactly match Priority Mail for zones 1-4, and so is no longer available for these zones. It will continue to be quoted for zones 5-9.

Here are some additional details from

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