Amazon Payments Released for ShopCart
Posted by Doug Sherman on 21 Jan 14 12:51 AM

AuctionInc is pleased to announce that Amazon Payments is now supported as an additional checkout option for our ShopCart.  

The fastest growing payment processor for ecommerce, Amazon Payments offers a fast, reliable, and secure payment method for the many millions of online shoppers with existing Amazon accounts, and can help add new customers, increase sales, and reduce fraud costs.  

Amazon commission fees are essentially identical to PayPal, offering volume-based pricing starting at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, and decreasing at higher volumes. There are no setup, monthly, or add-on fees.

You may offer Amazon in addition to your current PayPal checkout. The customer experience is similar to our PayPal integration, with shipping and taxes calculated in our cart, and customers completing the payment process after being directed to the Amazon site.  There are some differences:

  • Payments are not immediately processed; instead, Amazon completes the charge once you indicate that the order has shipped.

  • Amazon sends out to customers both an order confirmation and a "shipped" confirmation; you may include a tracking number, if you have one, in the ship confirm.

  • Customers are "locked down" to selecting a shipping address in their Amazon account that matches the country/postal code entered in the cart to calculate shipping, guaranteeing that you will be shipping to the same address for which the ship rate was calculated.

  •  You may configure promotions both on the AuctionInc side and on the Amazon side.  Amazon offers a substantial array of configuration options for setting up promotions.

To offer Amazon, you will need to establish an Amazon business account and complete the configuration settings on our Checkout Settings page.  Detailed instructions are here or in our Help popup on our Checkout Settings page.

Read more about Amazon Payments/Checkout By Amazon here.


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