Item Dimensions More Important for 2011
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 09 Dec 10 12:27 AM

Item dimensions are going to be more important more of the time in determining your shipping rate come Jan. 3, 2011. Both FedEx and UPS are very significantly changing the factor that determines whether your packages will be "dimensionally rated" or not.

When calculating your shipping rate, all three carriers, USPS included, compare the physical weight of the package to the dimensional weight, and use the higher of the two weights.  The dimensional weight is determined by first calculating the total volume (L x W x H) and then dividing by a dimensional weight "factor." 

Up to now, this factor has been 194 for domestic delivery, and 166 for international. Starting next month, the domestic factor is dropping to 166, and the international factor to 139.  This change will result in much higher dimensional weights, and thus a much bigger chance that the dimensional weight will be higher than the physical weight.  So if you sell lighter, larger items, they are about to become significantly more expensive to ship, and the definition of "larger" will start at a smaller size.

AuctionInc supports item dimensions in most of our products. If you havent listed your dimensions in your item data, you might want to consider whether it makes sense to add them in so you dont end up undercharging your customers for shipping.

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