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Item Attributes
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 08 Dec 09 02:52 PM
Item Attributes are a powerful method to allow your customer to select from an unlimited number of product characteristics linked to your item, all within the same Add to Calculator/Cart button.

Examples might range from size or color to quantity packs, style, or whatever else you need to differentiate your item selection.

Let's use "size" as an example in describing how to use Item Attributes.

First, click on the Attributes popup box in the HTML wizard. For "Attribute Name", enter "size". Select either "drop-down" or "radio boxes" as your attribute style (the most common choice is "drop-down"). Now, for "Value", enter your first size, i.e., "small". Click "Add Attribute Value."

Now you are ready to add your second size. You will note that next to "Attribute Name" now appears a drop-down selection box. Choose your "size" attribute from the drop-down. Then enter "medium" as the next value. Repeat this process until you have entered all the sizes you offer.

If you have a second attribute, such as "color", just name a new attribute, enter your first value, and select this new attribute from the drop-down as you enter additional values.

For each value of your attribute, you can vary the price, if you wish, from the underlying item. For example, lets say you wanted to charge a premimum for your "large" size. Just enter a different price in the appropriate text box as you enter your "large" value. This figure can either be the actual price for the large size (i.e., "10.00"), or it can be the increase on the price you entered in the base form (i.e., "+2.50").

For one of your attributes for your item, you can also vary the weight and/or dimensions of for different values of the attribute. For your "size" attribute, for example, you might enter "+3" oz for the large value. This will, of course, impact on the shipping calculation if your customer selects this value.

The selected item attributes will appear in the calculator/cart in the "Option" section and will be passed on to PayPal along with the rest of the item data, so they will show up in your PayPal order information.

The HTML for Item Attributes is fairly complex, so we suggest that you use the HTML Wizard when adding or editing Item Attributes rather than attempting to directly modify the Item HTML.

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