Fixed Fee Codes
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Fixed Fee Codes add powerful versatility to using fixed fees. You can define a code and then include the code in the appropriate HTML form field generated by our HTML wizard for your Add to Cart/Calculator buttons.

Our code definitions allow you to link your code to a specific geographic location or to a specific carrier/carrier service. You can add multiple definitions for the same code. You might, for example, define a code that sets one fee for domestic destinations and another fee for international destinations. Or you might define a code that sets one fee for UPS Ground and another fee for UPS 2nd Day Air. So instead of offering your customers just one fixed fee, you can offer multiple fees based on either the carrier service, the destination, or both. You may only link codes to carrier services that you have enabled on the Carrier Settings page (so that if you mix fixed and calculated items, the calculated items will rate).

Be certain that you define both Fee 1 and Fee 2. Fee 2 is used for additional quantities of your item, or when other fixed fee items are added the cart that have a higher Fee 1. You can use either the same fee for both, or you might prefer to use one fee for the first item and a discounted fee for additional items or quantities. When items with different fee codes are added to the cart, the highest Fee 1 from among the items is first applied, and then each item's Fee 2 is used for the additional items or quantities.

If you define a fixed fee code for a certain geographic location, make sure that you also build into the same code the fee for other locations. For example, if you define a code "INTL" for all non_USA destinations as $20, make sure you also build into the same code a fee for domestic destinations.

Once you have defined the code and included it in your item HTML, if you then wish to change the definition you can do so here, and your changes will take effect immediately without having to make any modifications to your item HTML.

You can add multiple definitions to the same code by simply picking a previously defined code from the drop-down on the Add Code form.

You may combine fixed fee, fixed fee codes, and calculated items as you see fit. These combinations will generate various results depending on the combination. Please refer to our Knowledgebase article on this for the specifics.

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