Handling Charges Overview
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AuctionInc provides the ability to assess a handling charge for shipping rates in a variety of ways that can be used in together for more flexibility. Fees can be set for the entire order and/or for each package in the order. These fees only are applied if you use carrier rates for shipping calculations. (If you use fixed rates, you should set the fixed rates to include all your additional charges.)

Use handling fees to pass on the cost of packaging materials, service fees, labor, etc.

Order Handling Fee
This is a one time fee that is added to the total shipping rate, applied only once regardless of the number of packages in the order. It is added for orders that use carrier based shipping calculations, and will NOT be added to Fixed shipping rates (if the order has a mix of both calculated and fixed-rate items, order handling will be added).

The order handling fee can consist of a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the order subtotal, or both. You can set both a maximum cap on the amount of the fee and also a total minumum amount. Order subtotals for calculating handling are based on a value excluding any coupon or other discounts that might be in applied.

The total handling minimum amount takes effect if both your order handling and your package handling fees total to less than your setting for the total handling minumum.

Package Handling Fee
You can also assess a handling fee which will apply to each package in the order. This amount can be set differently for each carrier service you have enabled. The package fee can be set to either a flat fee or a percentage. The percentage can be of either the shipping rate (before the cost of any insurance and and coupon or other shipping discounts you are offering have been applied) or the value of the package (calculated based on a value before any coupon or other discounts you are offering have been applied.

You can set a cap on the amount of your package handling, which sets the maximum amount of the total of both your fixed and percentage-based handling.

If you want to discount your base rates, in order to pass on to your customers any discount you are yourself receiving from a carrier, simply set the percentage to be a negative number, reflecting the percentage discount off the list rates you wish to pass on. You can also set the flat fee to be negative.

If the order is split into multiple packages, the fee will be applied for each. This fee is not applied if you used Fixed Rate shipping.

Supplemental Handling Fees for Particular Items
AuctionInc also provides you the ability to set special supplemental handling fees for a particular item. These are based on values that you set in the product HTML, and are generated from the HTML Wizard. Any additonal fees you add for an item using values in the HTML will be in addition to your standard handling fees that you set on this page. Please see the HTML Wizard or the Handling Codes Setup page for more information.

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