What doesnt the calculator show rates for all the carrier services I have enabled?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 22 Jun 09 08:24 PM

There are some circumstances that will result in fewer ratings than you might expect.

  • Item exceeds carrier maximum weight.  The simplest reason why services might be eliminated is that your item weight exceeds the maximum weight for that service.  USPS services, for example, have a standard weight limit of 70 lb; thus, any item weighing over 70 lbs cannot be rated for any USPS services.  Different countries have their own limits that may be even less; if ship internationally various international USPS services may be eliminated at even lower weights.

  • The service isnt offered for the destination.  Not all services are available for all destinations, particularly internationally.  AuctionInc returns the services that are available only and excludes those that arent.  Which services are available can depend not only on the destination but also the origin; some overnight services, for example, might not be available between origins and destinations that are too distant.

  • Different Services Available per Item.  This situation arises if are using our "on-demand" feature that allows you to enable specific services for specific items.  This is common if you drop-ship, and your various drop-shippers dont all use the same services. In this case, our calculator will look for the common services that are available between all the items that are getting shipped. Only those intersecting services will be rated.

  • The number of packages a service requires exceeds acceptable levels.  Our packaging engine determines necessary packaging for the items getting rated for each service you have enabled.  This means that for each service, a different number of packages might need to be created. (A simple example of this is ten 8 oz items: these can all be packaged into one package for USPS Priority Mail, but requires 10 packages for USPS First Class Mail.)  There is a point where it is not practical to offer a rate that is based on too many packages-- if a service is available that only needs 2 packages, for example, we dont want to put you in the position of having your customer select a service that requires, say, 10 packages. 

    So AuctionInc has established some standards that might result in services being "kicked out" if they require too many packages.  Here is the logic we use:
    • If the service requires 6 or less packages, always include it;
    • Between 6 and 12 packages, kick out a service if it requires 75% more packages than the smallest number of packages offered by another available service; 
    • If the services requires 12 or more packages, kick it out unless all services require more than 12 packages;
    • Between 12 and 40 packages, retain the service if the number of packages is within 25% of the others;
    • Always kick out a service with more than 40 packages, even if the result is no rated services at all.

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