The Rate Inspector for the Mals Plug-In
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 21 Apr 09 05:36 PM

Our "Shipping Inspector" in our own ShopCart has always been a very useful tool in understanding how each carrier ship rate breaks down into its various components. Now, AuctionInc has enhanced our Mals Plug-In Calculator with a version of this same functionality, called the Rate Inspector.

The Rate Inspector is only viewable to you, not your shoppers, and only if you are logged into your AuctionInc account in a different window or tab of your browser while you also have our calculator page open. In this case, you will see a checkbox for the Rate Inspector.

You may need to make one tweak to your Mals configuration in order to be able to utilize this new feature. On the Mals Shipping Configuration form, where you have selected Option #8 and pasted in our link in the accompanying text field, please change the beginning of this url from "href=" to "href=". All the rest of the link should remain exactly the same; all you are doing is adding the "www" to "". This change will allow us to know when you are logged into your Auctioninc account.

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