Why use AiShip instead of the eBay Calculator?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 17 Dec 07 05:56 PM

With eBay providing its own calculator for free, why should you pay a dime for ours? 

It is unlikely you would be reading this unless you already understood that eBay's calculator is less than satisfactory in a variety of ways.  But let us detail out the most critical ones:

  • ebay only supports UPS and USPS.AuctionInc supports FedEx and DHL as well.
  • ebay allows you to offer only 3 domestic or international services; AuctionInc allows you to offer as many as you prefer.
  • ebay allows you to rate only one item at a time; AuctionInc allows your customers to combine as many items as they wish and rate their combined shipping.
  • ebay gives you no control over packaging; AuctionInc allows you to indicate for each item whether it is packagable with other items or is not.
  • ebay does not support ANY accessorial fees; AuctionInc supports virtually all the accessorial fees for each carrier.
  • ebay only allows you to account for packaging materials by padding the item weight; AuctionInc provides an automated, flexible mechanism for correctly adding packaging weight to each package.
  • ebay offers almost no flexibility on how to add handling; AuctionInc provides highly versatile options to add handling in a variety of ways at the item, package and order levels.
  • ebay does not account for insurance costs until the actions is over; AuctionInc allows the bidder to enter their anticipated bid and generate accurate insurance rates during the course of the auction.
  • ebay supports only expensive carrier insurance; AuctionInc supports discount third-party insurance carriers.
  • ebay confesses to not providing accurate rates for rural locations, saturday shipments, and a host of other situations a little out of the ordinary; AuctionInc supports accurate rates in virtually all conditions.

AuctionInc developed AiShip many years before ebay released their own calculator. We are in the business of providing accurate shipping rates.  We even hold a patent on aspects of our shipping calculation process!  You know how important ebay bidders consider shipping charges in their decision whether to bid, and in their ultimate satisfaction.  Your choice-- is it worth a dime to you for accurate rates?

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