Should you include Item Dimensions?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by Doug Sherman on 10 Apr 13 12:40 PM

While we do not require that you include item dimensions when you list item data for your particular AuctionInc product, it has recently become far more important to getting an accurate rating. During the first few months of 2007, all our carriers have greatly expanded their use of "dimensional weighting" when determining what to charge to ship your package.  This means that they consider the size of your package as much, or more, than they consider its weight.

The carriers calculate dimensional weight by multipying the three dimensions of your package together and then dividing by 194.  They then compare this result to your actual package weight and they use the higher of the two for determining pricing.  Larger,lighter packages are particularly affected.

This has always been true for the commercial carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL) for their air services; in 2007 they also started applying the same logic to their Ground Services.  Also in 2007 the USPS started using dimensional shipping for their Priority Mail service (at least for shipments being sent a larger distance-- they only apply it for zones 5 - 8).

The upshot is that if possible you should include item dimensions along with weight in your AuctionInc data.  While our rates will continue as always to be highly accurate for what data we are given, if that data does not include dimensions we obviously can no longer guarantee  that what our Shipping Engine generates is going to match what you end up paying.

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