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Are our rates Residential or Commercial?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 05 Feb 07 11:20 AM

All of our quoted rates are residential (except for our API, which supports both).  This means that they include any residential surcharge that the carrier might add (and FedEx, DHL, and UPS all do).  Because we only collect postal codes and not full addresses, we have no way to confirm whether an address for a particular customer is indeed residential or commercial, so we chose not to allow customers to indicate this selection.  If you in fact exclusively or primarily mail your packages to business destinations, you could set a "negative" handling amount on the Carrier Settings page for your enabled services for the amount of each carrier's residental fee.

One service, FedEx Ground, requires some specific explanation.  This is because FedEx Ground is essentially a business delivery service; their residential service is FedEx Home Delivery.  However, Home Delivery has a weight limit of 70 lb., while Ground has the standard FedEx weight limit of 150 lb.  Also, FedEx Ground will indeed deliver to a residental address for a supplemental residental fee.  For this reason, we support Ground as well as Home Delivery.  For packages under 70 lb, FedEx Home Delivery will always be a little cheaper than FedEx Ground as the residental fee for Home Delivery is less.  If you personally never package boxes over 70 lb, you might choose not to enable FedEx Ground, just to simplify things a bit for your customers.

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