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Do my Customers need to create a PayPal Account?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 28 Dec 06 01:39 PM

PayPal allows users to pay either thru a PayPal-linked checking account (in which case the user must log into their account) or just by using a credit card.  If the user pays with a credit card, whether they need to create a PayPal "account" (ie, a username and password, but not a linked checking account) is a confiiguration setting in your own PayPal account.

Under Profile => Website Payment Preferences, you will find a section titled "PayPal Account Optional".  Here is how PayPal describes this option:

About PayPal Account Optional

When PayPal Account Optional is turned on, your customers who are new to PayPal will no longer be required to create a PayPal account to complete a purchase they will go through an alternate checkout, and will have the option to sign up afterward. Customers who already have PayPal accounts will continue to enjoy the privileges of those accounts, such as payment history and integration with eBay Auctions, and their checkout experience will remain the same.

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