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Introduction to AiSeller
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 20 Oct 06 12:18 PM

Choosing aiSeller to Manage Your Auction Sales

You have made an excellent decision in trialing our Auction Management system. We have designed the system from the ground up to provide the most efficient, streamlined and accurate process for post-sale management of ebay auctions available today. Our own company has been an eBay Powerseller with an average of 1000 auctions for sale in any week, and our growth would not have been possible without using aiSeller to manage our sales. Once you have fully moved to using aiSeller, you will be able to grow your business without having to grow the time you spend processing your sales. Even better, using aiSeller encourages better customer sales, through use of the calculator in your auctions, an effective Checkout process, and the ability to use the system to provide superior customer service. Below is a brief summary of the essential workflow in aiSeller. Of course, we welcome your contacting us with any questions at all. AiSeller's versatility and power means that most tasks can be accomplished numerous ways, which when first using the product can sometimes lead to questions. Please feel free to ask us! We pride ourselves on our focus on personalized and thorough customer support.

Account Configuration

Your first step is to be sure your configuration is complete. The Setup Wizard led you thru the critical tasks, but some more optional configurable areas are on the Settings Menu . If you haven't already done so, please review the categories on this page. These settings will personalize your customers' experience with our product. The Settings Menu is also where you would go to make any changes in your configuration as you go along.

The Shipping Calculator

Next, you will want to, of course, put the calculator in your auctions. If you have current auctions, you can use the Calculator Injector. You can continue to use the Injector as you list additional auctions, if you prefer. But an alternative method, for future listings, is to generate html using our HTML Wizard and then insert the html into your eBay listing or listing program template. One of the strengths of our calculator is that you can use it with any listing tool you prefer. For example, if you use Turbolister, you can paste the calculator into its Auction Description Default. For each item, simply change the "weight" value in our html. This method allows you to have the calculator in your auctions with no time delay, and ultimately is a quicker method. Both of these methods are available from the Control Panel's "Add Calculator to Auctions" option.

The Shipping Inspector

Many questions from new customers fall into the area of getting unexpected results with the calculator. Almost always, this is a matter of fine-tuning the configuration so you get the results you want. The Shipping Inspector gives you a "window" into exactly what is going on. If you are logged into AuctionInc, and use the calculator from one of the links inside AI, you will notice that in the top right-hand corner of the calculator, there is a checkbox labeled "Shipping Inspector." When you click it, the calculator page will refresh and below the calculator you will see a detailed chart on exactly how rates were calculated for each shipping service you are using. By examining this table you can see exactly what is going on. You may find by using the Inspector that you want to adjust, for example, your handling fees or packaging weight management.

The Control Panel

The aiSeller Control Panel is "command central." This is where you will come to manage your post-sale tasks on a daily basis. The flow of the panels follows the general work flow of the sales cycle. In other words, your task will be to "push" the numbers from the top left (starting with Winning Bid Notices in the "Get Paid" panel) to the bottom right (ending with "Auctions Ready for Feedback.") Throughout the process we provide methods to manage your tasks "in bulk" as opposed to most systems which require much more labor-intensive and tedious task management.

Sending Winning Bid Notices

Our system sends out Winning Bid notices within 10 minutes of your listing's scheduled closing, and within four hours for store items and buy It Nows. At that point customers will begin using Checkout to create invoices. Most will probably use Paypal, for which we offer an expedited Checkout process. For those that avoid our Checkout and call, email or go to Paypal outside our Checkout system, you can use "Create Invoice" to create the invoice yourself.

Transitioning Your Sales to AiSeller

Most of our customers have existing auctions in process when they start using our product. AiSeller makes it easy for you to get your records in synch with your current state.

--For auction sales which you have already processed: If you have already heard from your customers or processed the payment for some of your sales using another system, you will want to tell ours to ignore these. From the Snapshot in the Control Panel, click on New Sales. Then click on the "New" in the Sales Status column for these auctions, and change their status to "Completed."

--For current auction sales that you wish to track in aiSeller: If you want to get the data for some of your pending or just completed sales into our system, you can simply Create an Invoice for these sales (from the left side of the Control Panel). (You will need to already have your customer's address and shipping preference.) As you create the invoice, you will be able to indicate the current payment status and if you have shipped the item yet.

The Checkout Process

Most of your customers will create their own invoices by going thru our Checkout system. They can do this by clicking the link in our Winning Bid Notice (or Reminder), using the Checkout button on the calculator in one of your listings, or coming to the AuctionInc site. When they use Checkout, the system will find and consolidate all their outstanding auction sales. The shipping calculator, of course, is entirely integrated into the Checkout system. For those wishing to pay with Paypal, the Checkout provides an expedited process that quickly sends them to Paypal with the correct payment totaland then gathers back intoour system the information on their Paypalpayment. For your customers who for whatever reason do not use the AI Checkout, and prefer to call or email you, you can quickly use the "Create Invoice" process to internally create an invoice.

Quick Guide to aiSeller Statuses

We use a variety of statuses for sales, payments and invoices to indicate where in the process things stand. Some status changes the system handles automatically, others are set by you.

Auction Sales:
: new eBay sale / no Invoice yet created
: Invoice created
: Invoice has been moved to Shipped status
: Invoice has been moved to Cancelled status

: new payment, not confirmed by you
: Check waiting to clear
: Paypal has informed us of a payment
: You have confirmed receipt of payment

: newly created by customer
: created or reviewed by you
: manually set by you to temporarily 'suspend'
: system moves to Approved when payment is confirmed
: used only if you use manifesting
: processing complete

Processing Payments

As you begin to receive payments, use the "Manage Payments" window to print invoices and packing slips and then confirm payments in bulk (Be sure to print before you confirm payments).For customers who pay with Paypal, the payment is set to the "Acknowledged" status. As you confirm the payment from Paypal, move these payments to the Confirmed status. Confirming the payments automatically moves the invoices to the "Approved" status, ready to ship.If you do not receive payment from your customers, you can use AI to go thru the eBay process of filing a Dispute and getting credited for your Final Value Fee.

Shipping Your Orders

After you ship, you can use the "Invoices to Ship" window to bulk "Ship" your invoice, which finalizes the order and sends a shipping confirmation to your customer. If a tracking number exists, that will be included in the email. You may also want to use our integration with to generate online postage. If you use Worldship or CPS, you can bulk import/export order data to and from these manifesting systems. You can also use our Endicia integration to print postage-online; this link is available in the Invoice list.


Finally, use AI to post your feedback on your winner bidders, also in "bulk."

Image Hosting

Take advantage of our free image hosting (up to 50 MB)! Just click on the link in the Control Center.For quickest use, zip your images and upload them all at once; our system will automatically unzip them.

Let us know what you think! We believe AiSeller is, simply, the most efficient and powerful system available to manage your auctions. We are always working on getting even better, and are very receptive to your comments and ideas.

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