Multiple Ship Origins or Drop Shipping
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If you ship your products from more than one location, our calculator will quote the correct shipping rate for each of your items. Your customers will also be able to mix items from various locations in the same cart, and our calculator will determine the correct summary rate. 

For each of your origin locations, you will need to establish a "code" that is linked to the appropriate country and postal code.  You will then refer to this code for items which will be shipped from that location

Setting up the drop shipping codes Access the code setup page from the "Origin Codes" link on the Settings Menu. Click the "Add" button to enter a new origin. In the "Origin Code" box enter a name for the location. Select the country.  Next enter the "Postal Code" for that location. Finally click the "Add" button.

Using the drop ship codes When using the HTML Wizard to generate the calculator html for your item, select the appropriate origin code from the drop down menu. Shoppers adding items to the calculator or shopping cart will see one shipping charge for the all items selected, regardless of their origin location.

If your dropship locations do not all use the same carrier services, you can use our "on-demand" feature to handle this.  On the Carrier Settings page, set the carrier services that are not shared by all your drop-ship locations to "on-demand."  This means that the service will only be rated if you indicate specifically in the item HTML that it should be.  When you use the HTML Wizard to generate your Add to Cart buttons, select the appropriate carrier services from the "on-demand" dropdown in the Wizard to activate these services for this item.

If your customer adds multiple items to the cart, a particular service set to "on-demand" will rate only if all the items from any given origin all support the service.  

However, your items from different origins do not have to share services.  A "mixed service" rate will be generated if there is no intersection of services for the sets of items from various origins. For example, if your items from Origin A support only USPS Priority, and your items from Origin B support only UPS Ground, AuctionInc will create a "mixed service" rate which sums the rate from each.  If your items from each origin support multiple services (i.e., Origin A supports both USPS Priority and USPS Parcel Post), the least expensive rate from each origin will be used in our mixed service calculation.

As AuctionInc supports international shipping origins in some of our products, the possibility exists that one or more packages in a rating may require an international service, while others require a domestic service. For the purposes of Order Handing and Shipping Promotions, both of which allow differential configuration settings for domestic and international, if any package of those included in the rating requires an international service, the international configuration setting will be used. 

You can also mix your calculated items from different origin codes with fixed fee dollar or fixed fee code items. When doing so, it is useful to understand that fixed fee items are considered as shipping from your default origin. (This can have implications around whether a mixed service rate is generated when fixed fee items are mixed with calculated items from various origins.)

Drop Shipping is not available for the Mals Plug-In. 

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