Why dont I see all my shipping rates in the Calculator?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 21 Sep 06 02:15 PM

There are times when the calculator will not provide a rate for every service you have enabled.  There are a variety of reasons why all shipping services are not rated for any particular item and/or destination.

The first thing to check is to make sure you have actually enabled the service in question.  To check this, sign into your AuctionInc. account,  go "Settings" menu and then click on "Carrier Services, Fees, and Insurance.". Once in this page scroll down to the carrier tabs. We offer domestic services UPS, USPS & Fedex and international services from these as well as DHL. You may go to each of these links and enable all services which you wish to have available to your customers. Don't forget to setup any handling fees you would like to associate with your shipping services, and be sure to press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page before moving on to the next carrier.

Another reason the calculator may not be returning rates is that your package exceeds maximum dimensions and/or maximum weight for the services which you expect. Some shipping services also have a minimum weight. Remember that the weight of your item is likely not the weight that is getting rated. Most of our customers take advantage of our calculator's ability to add on packaging weight to the total weight. In the Shipping Inspector, look at the figure for "Ship Weight."

Yet another reason why the rate for a particular service might not be appearing is that the service is not available for the origin postal code you are using. Most services have some limitations on where they deliver.  This is especially true for international destinations.

Sometimes the calculator eliminates a rate from showing because it is smart enough to know that the number of packages the shipment must be divided into is way too many compared to other services that are also being rated. An example might be if you have set a weight limit for a service to 10 lb (say, Priority Mail) while all your other services have a weight limit of 70 lb; in this case seven 10 lb items would be have to be broken into 7 seperate packages for Priority Mail ,as opposed to one package for all the other services. In this situation our engine will not show your customer this service if you have other services available as well.  This is to protect you from your customer selecting a service that is realistically too difficult and unwieldly to fulfill, even if it might be theoretically possible.  The specific logic we use to determine when to eliminate a service is if it results in a number of packages that is 75% more than the service with the smallest number of packages, and a maximum limit of 35 packages per service.  Any service that results in 5 or less packages will always be included, regardless of the package count for other services.

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