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Promotional Shipping Discounts
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Promotional Shipping Discounts allows you to encourage your customers to purchase more on every visit to your site. With promotional shipping discounts you can discount your shipping rates based upon minimum order totals.


How Shipping Discounts Work

AuctionInc allows you to set up multi-tier dicounts based upon the order total. Each tier's Minimum Order Total should be larger than the previous along with an increasing discount. You can set up to 3 discount levels. As customers add items to a cart, we continuously check the cart order total against your discounts and apply appropriate discounts. Once we see that a service has gone "free" we remove the service from the dropdown list and replace it with a free shipping service titled by that services class (e.g. If UPS 3 Day becomes free it is replaced with "3 Day Shipping - Free"). Tthis allows you as the shipper to ship it any by 3 Day Service of your choice. IMPORTANT: The discounts applied to your shipping rates will affect the class you choose along with all "lower" (slower) shipping classes. (See the chart below for the Class Definition table.)



Setting Up Your Discounts

Begin by logging into your account.  Then click on the Promotional Discounts Settings link under the Settings menu. Setting up your discounts is easy in this simple-to-use configuration screen. Shipping discounts are divided up between domestic (US only) and international shipments so you can offer separate discounts for your international customers. To configure your discounts simply choose the base service class you would like to discount. Next, set the Minimum Order Totals you would like to apply for each tier. Then choose the Discount Mode, i.e., whether you would like to provide a flat rate discount off of the shipping price or a percentage off of the shipping price. Finally, choose the Discount Amount for discount tier. To choose free shipping choose a Discount Mode of "Percent" and set the Discount Amount to 100.



Disabling Your Discounts

There are a few ways to disable your discounts. The first way is to click the "Disable Promotions" button at the bottom of the screen. This will disable all of your discounts (both domestic and international) but still retain them so that you can re-enable them at a later time. If you would just like to disable either your domestic or your international discounts you may choose the "No Discounts\ selection under the appropriate base service class select menu, beware however your discount values will be set to zero on choosing this option.



Identifying The Base Service Classes

Ok, so you are ready to set up your discounts but you don't know which service class to pick. The service classes are divided up into two sections, domestic and international. Here are the breakdowns of all the domestic and international service classes:

Domestic Classes

International Classes

UPS Ground
USPS First Class
USPS Standard Post
USPS Media Mail
USPS Library Mail
Fedex Ground
Fedex Home Delivery
3 Day
UPS 3 Day
Fedex Express Saver
2 Day
UPS 2 Day
USPS Priority
Fedex 2 Day
1 Day
UPS Next Day
UPS Next Day Saver
USPS First Class
USPS Express
Fedex Standard Overnight
Fedex Priority Overnight
Fedex First Overnight
UPS Next Day Early AM
Surface Standard
USPS First Class International
Fedex International Ground
UPS Canada Standard 
Air Standard
Fedex International Economy
UPS Worldwide Express
Air Priority
Fedex International Priority
UPS Worldwide Saver
USPS Priority Mail International
DHL Worldwide Priority
Air Express
USPS Express Mail International
UPS Worldwide Express 
Air Expedited
Fedex International First
USPS Global Express Guaranteed
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