Configuring Your Insurance Settings
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 21 Sep 06 12:22 PM

There are multiple decisions to be made when configuring your account for insurance:

1) Is the Item Insurable?
Do you want insurance to be available for your item? This is set at the item level, through the html form field "insure". To make insurance available, set this field to "1", i.e.,

< INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="insure" VALUE="1">

Only the value of items which are tagged as "insure" in an order will be included when determining the outcome of the other options below.

2) Offering Optional Insurance?
Do you want your customers to be able to decide whether the item should actually be insured? If you do, set "Buyer Selectable Insurance" to "optional" (this is located at the top of the "Carrier Services, Fees and Insurance" page). By selecting this, a checkbox will appear below the services selection dropdown box on the calculator/cart when the total price of the items in the order is above the level where the selected carrier might be offering free insurance, but low enough for the total to still be under any insurance threshold you have set (see #3 below). If you set this value to "not optional", then insurance charges will always be added to the order after the carrier threshold for free insurance has been exceeded.

3) Setting an Insurance Threshold
If you have made insurance optional for your customers, at what price point, if any, do you want to reverse that option and make insurance mandatory? Even if you want to offer insurance optionally, probably for more expensive items you want to make sure that the item is indeed insured. Ultimately, the liability is yours if the item is lost or damaged, from the perspective of customer satisfaction if not legally. The figure at which insurance becomes mandatory, the "insurance threshold", is set at the carrier level, at the top of each carrier tab. If you leave this value at "0", you are making insurance required for all your items (even if you have selected "optional" above) since the order total will always exceed "0." If you want to make insurance optional for all your items regardless of cost, set this value to a very high number that your order totals are never likely to exceed. We recommend a middle course, setting the value to a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Remember that for any order total below this threshold, if you have made insurance optional, you are essentially acting as your own insurer if the customer does not opt to add insurance.

4) Selecting Your Insurance Provider
Finally, who are you buying insurance from? You need to tell us this so we can calculate the correct amount of insurance to add. If you are using the carriers' own insurance plans, set the "Insurance Provider" option under each carrier's tab to the appropriate carrier. If you are using a third-party insurer such as PIP or U-PIC, set the value appropriate and then fill in the settings under "3rd Party Insurance" so we know exactly what kind and how much discount you are getting. If you are not familiar with the discount insurance plans, we suggest you check them out! You can save as much as 70% or even more over the carrier insurance rates.

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