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How does the HTML Wizard Work (ShopCart)?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 21 Sep 06 12:11 PM

This wizard generates the "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" html to add to your web site.. While you can use this wizard for each item if you prefer, you only need to use it once to generate your 'template' html. For each additional item, in most cases you can then use the same html with very minor modifications to account for variations in each item. For items with more complex needs, such as item attributes, we strong suggest you use the HTML Wizard to make sure you generate the correct HTML.

The values and options shown in the wizard default to your configuration settings.

Step 1:
Enter the appropriate information for your itaem and then press the "Generate HTML" button.

Step 2:
Now that the HTML has been generated it is sitting in a text box. You can test this HTML by clicking the test "Add to Cart" button. When you are ready, select all the text in the box by highlighting it with your mouse or pressing the Select HTML button. Than use your right mouse button and copy the text, or press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. 

Step 3:
Now paste the HTML into your software for managing your web site contentby using the right mouse button and clicking paste or Ctrl+V. You should add one "Add to Cart" button for each item on your site. You should add one "View Cart" button for each product page. 

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