Integrating AiShip with eBay Checkout
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AiShip is a "stand-alone" shipping calculator and is not automatically integrated with eBay's Checkout or any other checkout system. However, you can configure things so that the calcluator works in conjunction with eBay's Checkout (and with PayPal) pretty well. Just follow these configuration guidelines:


1) Enable Checkout Turn Checkout on from: MyEbay=>My Account=>Site Preferences=>Selling Preferences=>Payment from Buyers=>Use Checkout.

2) Select PayPal as Payment Method Set PayPal as your payment method from: MyEbay=>My Account=>Site Preferences=>Selling Preferences=>Payment From Buyers=>Offer PayPal on my Listings.

3) Enable the "Buyer Edit" Option Allow your customers to enter/modify the shipping total during Checkout from: MyEbay=>My Account=>Site Preferences=>Selling Preferences=>Payment From Buyers=>Allow buyers to edit payment totals.


1) Enable "Add Instructions to Seller" Tell PayPal to include a text box where your customer can type in notes to you from: My Account=>Profile=>Payment Receiving Preferences=>Add Instructions to Seller.


1) Configure Shipping Appropriately in eBay listing eBay makes it difficult to avoid use of their own calculator.  Please click here to view our suggestion on how to select the best ebay shipping configuration.

2) List Payment Instructions for your Winning Bidder In eBay's Payment Instructions text box, list clear instructions for your winning bidder which run along these lines:

  • USE the AuctionInc calculator in the listing to view shipping rates for one or more of your winning auctions;
  • After the auction end, USE the Pay Now button in the listing, in your MyeBay or in the Winning Bid Notification;
  • TYPE IN the Shipping Amount from the calculator into the textbox for "Shipping Amount."
  • In Paypal, TYPE IN your Selected Ship Method in the "Add Instructions to seller" text box.

Finally, you yourself, when you receive your Payment Confirmation from PayPal, can verify the shipping figure your customer entered by using our calculator either in your listing or from the AuctionInc site. If your bidder bought more than one item from you, add them all into our Calculator to view the shipping quotes for the combined shipping.



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