Pass on your UPS Account Discount
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by Doug Sherman on 10 Jun 13 04:25 PM

Some of our customers have accounts set up with our supported carriers. For DHL and FedEx, we are able to provide you with your account-specific discounts directly through their API, but this is not the case for UPS. But you can pass on to your customers your carrier discounts for UPS as well by configuring your discount in our system.

The technique is very simple. Just go to the Carrier Services page, and on the UPS Carrier tab, set a negative package handling percentage for each carrier service representing your discount from the standard "list" rate. Select "Shipping Rate" from the dropdown. For example, set UPS Ground package handing to -20% of the Shipping Rate. Typically the discounted rates you are quoted by UPS, while they do theoretically vary based on your account activity, stay constant for long periods; just remember to update your discounts if there is a change.

By passing on your UPS discount you can offer your customers even more competitive shipping rates and encourage more sales.

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