Fixing Incrementing Form Field Names in FrontPage or Dreamweaver
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 21 Sep 06 10:34 AM

If you use FrontPage or Dreamweaver to produce your pages, and our calculator or cart is not working, be aware of a potential problem with these products which could be responsible. Examine the source code of our item HTML and check to see if the form fields have numbers appended to them (e.g. '', 'business2', 'item_name2', 'amount2', etc.). This is called enumeration and is probably caused by your web editor. Depending on your settings, some editors (notably Dreamweaver and FrontPage) will automatically enumerate form variables in your HTML code. Since our server does not recognize these modified variables, it will cause the buttons to not function correctly.

You will need to revise your HTML code and remove the numeral after each variable.

You can disable Dreamweaver from enumerating your variables by following these steps:
1. In Dreamweaver, click 'Edit'
2. Click 'Preferences'
3. Under 'General', deselect 'Rename Form Items When Pasting' (for Dreamweaver MX, this option is located under 'Code Rewriting')

You can prevent FrontPage from enumerating your variables by following these steps:
1. In FrontPage, go to the top and click on 'Tools'
2. Click 'Page Options'
3. Select the 'General' tab, if not already selected
4. Clear the checkbox next to 'Make ID Unique on Paste'
5. Click the 'OK' button to save your changes

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