How do I edit the Calculator Settings of an existing auction?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 19 Sep 06 10:38 AM

Need to change settings of a live auction?

AuctionInc collects and saves the settings when the calculator is first used or when you Refresh Auctions in the Control Panel. Once the values have been collected, AuctionInc never collects them again from eBay. Therefore once AI has collected the settings it is necessary for you to edit the values within AuctionInc. Do not bother to attempt editing the values by updating the auction description at eBay. Instead you should search for the auction number in AI and click on the Edit link. In the Auction Edit screen you can adjust all of the shipping and sales tax properties. If the auction does not appear in the AI search, you should refresh your auctions and then try searching again.

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