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How does ShipCalc differ from ShopCart and our other products?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 13 Sep 06 03:10 PM

ShipCalc is a "stand-alone" calculator which, while it has a variety of uses, is NOT an appropriate product for use on most ecommerce sites.  Your ecommerce site needs a checkout system, so that your customers can pay you.  Shipcalc does not include a checkout process and will not integrate with an existing one.

If you dont have a cart, our appropriate product for your consideration is our ShopCart product, which includes a checkout process to PayPal.  The most popular checkout method on the Internet, PayPal allows your customers to pay either thru their established PayPal account, or simply by using a credit card without a PayPal account.

If you already have a cart and need shipping rates, our Shipping API can be integrated into your current cart-- as long as you have the ability to modify the code in your existing cart.  Typically this means that the cart you are using has been specifically developed for your website, rather than an "out-of-the -box" commercial product.

If you are using the Mals Ecommerce Cart, this is one commercial cart for which we have a "plug-in" calculator.  You get both a great cart- thru Mals- and a great calculator, thru us.

So, where does this leave our ShipCalc stand-alone calculator product?  While there are many possibilities, probably the best use is as an "in-house" calculator for your business to determine the best shipping option for your packages.  If you have a fixed inventory, you can generate "Add to Calculator" buttons for your Intranet, making it easy to add multiple items to a theoretical package and determine the best ship method.  Or, you can simply use the product's "wizard" on-the-fly to determine comparative rates for your packages.  Or perhaps you want to offer our calculator for your Internet Classified Ad or Craigs Listing, so prospective buyers can determine their final cost.  Basically, where ever you need to determine shipping rates, but dont need your customers to pay you at the same time, ShipCalc will likely be just what you are looking for.

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