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AuctionInc's shipping calculator provides a very flexible and easy way to determine shipping charges for auctions. The information necessary for calculating the shipping is embedded in the HTML that is generated by the Calculator HTML Wizard.

Of the two methods for getting the Shipping Calculator into your listings (the Calculator Injector and the HTML Wizard), the HTML Wizard is the more streamlined method. The Wizard generates HTML for the calculator (and Checkout, for AiSeller) for inclusion in the item description section of all your future auctions. You will, in turn, embed the Calculator HTML in the description section for each of your auctions as you list them. You may use the Calculator HTML Wizard for each individual auction but like most users, you will likely want to place the Calculator HTML into a template that can be reused for multiple auctions, or simply reuse it each time you list directly to eBay. By optionally altering additional fields as well, you can easily control your shipping configuration for each auction.

Packaging & Item Consolidation
This setting determines whether you allow items to be packaged together with other items. This will affect the shipping calculation when your customers use the shipping calculator to determine fees for multiple items.

For any items where "together" is selected, the shipping calculator will combine item weights together until the carrier service's maximum package weight (or, if you have set one, your custom maximum weight) is reached. Any packaging costs are, of course, only added once. This setting allows you to encourage your customers to bid on multiple items as they can easily view their shipping savings.

For items where"separately" is selected, the calculator will not combine the item (and packaging) weight with any additional items. If you are selling pre-packaged items, or the nature of your item requires separate packaging, select this setting.

Item Weight
The weight of your item is one of the most important factors of the shipping calculation. Enter as accurate a weight as possible. You may enter the weight all in lbs (i.e., 5.5 lbs), or as a combination of lbs and oz (i.e., 5 lbs, 8 oz).

Item Dimensions
If you think that your item may be oversized, entering the item dimensions will allow the shipping calculator to account for oversized rates. Keep in mind that different carriers have varying definitions of what qualifies an item for oversized status.For more information on dimension policies go to USPS dimension policies or UPS dimension policies.

Item Insurance
This setting indicates whether the value of this item will in included when your insurance configuration settings are applied.

Fixed Rates
When you set a fixed rate for shipping, no additional fees (insurance, taxes, handling, or packaging) are added. The exact fee that you list is the shipping fee total. You can, if you wish, discount shipping when customers buy multiple items at the same time by setting a lower fixed rate for additional items.

Additional Fixed Rates
If a customer purchases two or more items at the same time, you may wish to pass on your potential savings in shipping to your customer, encouraging bids on multiple items.

Taxable Items
This setting indicates whether items are taxable in any of the states in which you are required to collect taxes. You can add, edit or delete tax rates for individual states in the Sales Tax window under the Settings Menu. For each state you set up a tax rate for, you can also indicate whether shipping costs are also taxable.

The Shipping Inspector
When you use this wizard to generate html, you will see a test calculator in the bottom half of the window. Enter a zip code and press 'calculate.' The shipping calculator will come up, showing the rates for each of your selected services. Below the calculator, the Shipping Inspector details out exactly how each rate was calculated. The Shipping Inspector is also available to you in your live auctions. If you are logged into AuctionInc in one open browser, and use the calculator in another open browser, you will see a chekcbox for the Shipping Inspector in the lower right of the calculator. Use the Inspector to better understand exactly how rates are determined and to help decide how to fine tune your settings. The Inspector is only available to you, never to your customers. The checkbox for it only appears if you are logged into your acount in AuctionInc.
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