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How can I configure AiSeller to integrate with UPS Worldship (PC software)
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AuctionInc. is integrated to work with the UPS WorldShip manifest program to reduce work and to eliminate potential errors. This feature works with the Windows PC software program only and is not integrated with UPS\'s web based shipping program.

The manifest integration feature is only available with the AuctionInc aiSeller product. If you are an aiShip customer and would like to take advantage of this great feature, please contact to have your account upgraded to aiSeller.

These instructions detail how to set up Worldship for manifest integration and then how to use the integration in your workflow processing. While the setup and process is not difficult, it is critical that you follow the instructions carefully.


In order to use this feature you must be using the UPS Worldship program version 5.0.37 or later. To determine which version you are using, open the WorldShip program and click on the Help>Contacting UPS Support which will display the version number. If you are using a version prior to 5.0.37 you should contact UPS, using the telephone number displayed in the help window, prior to continuing. The update is available at the UPS Worldship Support web site.


There are just a few steps necessary to integrate AuctionInc with UPS WorldShip. Before starting the configuration process, it is recommended that ALL programs are first closed including UPS Worldship.

  1. Create a Directory
      AuctionInc will generate a text file each time you export to the Worldship manifest. It is necessary to create a permanent directory that you will later save this file to. To create this directory, open the Window File Explorer program. In the Folders panel, navigate to the C:\\ drive and root directory. Click the File > New > Folder in the top menu and then enter ai_ups for the folder name.

  2. Download Sample Import File
      First download our Test Import File and save this to your newly created C:\\ai_ups folder.

  3. Download UPS WorldShip Map Files
      Next download the files called UPS WorldShip Import Map V1.1 and UPS WorldShip Export Map V1.1. These files should be saved into one of the directories where the UPS Worldship program is installed. WorldShip by default installs into the C:/UPS directory (or C:/SHAREUPS for the networked version).

  4. Create an ODBC Data Source
      This sounds worse than it really is. Just follow these few steps and you'll be done with the configuration.
      1. Load Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator
          Windows 95/98
          Click Start > Control Panel > Data Source (ODBC)
          Windows XP
          Click Start > Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Data Source (ODBC)
      2. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator, click the Add button
      3. Select Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv) driver from the list.
      4. Click the Finish button
      5. Enter the following information into the input fields
        Data Source Name:ai_import
        Description:AuctionInc WorldShip Import Data Source
      6. Click the Select Directory button
        In the Folders list, navigate to the newly created directory c:\\ai_ups and click the Okay button.
      7. Click the Okay button again to close the ODBC Text Setup popup window.
      8. Click the Okay button one last time to close the ODBC Data Source Administrator popup window.


Once the configuration has been completed, you need to test to make sure that your AuctionInc/Worldship integration is working properly. To test the integration, start WorldShip and click on the UPS OnLine Connect > Keyed Import > More... menu items. The Select map from list for import window should appear. AuctionInc-Import should appear in the list. Select the AuctionInc-Import row in the list and click the [Import] button. If AuctionInc-Import does not appear in the list you should contact to help you solve the problem.

If the previous step was successful, then a small popup window labeled Enter import key should appear above/over the WorldShip program. The test import text file has one shipment record in it. Enter the invoice number 2112 it the text field of the window and press [Enter]. The fields in Worldship should be populated with the information listed below. If the information does not match, please contact to help solve your problem. After you have successfully tested this procedure, use you Windows file manager to delete the sample file IMPORT.txt in the C:/ai_ups directory.

Company or NameAcme, Inc
AttentionWild E. Cyotte
Street1200 Pheonix Ave
Building 25Building 25
CountryUnited States
Postal/Zip Code87107
UPS Service2nd Day Air
Insured Value$3000
Reference Number 1Invoice #2112
Reference Number 52112

Daily Processing: Overview

Now that you have set up Worldship, the next sections detail how to use your new integration. The overall steps will be:
FROM AuctionInc. TO Worldship:
  • In AuctionInc., create an export file containing data on your invoices ready to ship (invoice status = "Approved") and save the import.txt file to your c:ai_ups directory. The status of your invoices will automatically change to "Fullfillment."
  • In Worldship, follow one of two alternative procedures (detailed below) to access the data in the saved import.txt file. Process the package.
FROM Worldship TO AuctionInc:
  • In Worldship, create an export.txt file in Worldship and save to your c:ai_ups directory.
  • In AuctionInc, import the export.txt file. The status of your invoices will update to "shipped," shipping confirmation email will automatically go your to your customers (containing a tracking number link) and shipment data will be available on your invoice details.

Moving your Data from AI to Worldship: Detailed Steps

Follow these steps to move your data from AuctionInc into the UPS Worldship software.

  1. Configure AuctionInc for Manifesting
      In AuctionInc, go to Control Center >Settings >Carrier Services, Fees and Insurance and in the section for UPS, select Worldship as the "Manifest Type."

  2. Create and Save the Import File
      Now go to the AuctionInc Control Panel. You will see that additional options are now available in the "Shipping" panel. Click on Export to Manifest.Select "Worldship" from the selection box for Generate New Batch and click "Go." A "batch" will be created which contains the data on your orders which are ready to ship (i.e., have a status of "Approved") and where the selected ship service carrier is UPS. Next, click on the \"Download\" button and in the Windows popup double check the filename is "IMPORT.txt", that the filetype is \"txt\" and that the download directory is C:/ai_ups, and then Save. You will be asked if you want to replace the current file. Select 'Yes.'

  3. Upload Data into Worldship
      There are two available methods to select from to to process the import file and work with the packages in the Worldship software. Which method you use depends on whether you will be processing all the packages in your import file before you create your next import file. Use Method 1 if you plan on processing all your packages before your next import; else use Method 2. Also use Method 2 if you use the network version of Worldship.

      • Method 1: Keyed Import
          Click on the UPS OnLine Connect > Keyed Import >AuctionInc-Import menu item. A small popup window labeled "Enter import key" should appear above/over the WorldShip program. (If you did not first test the process as described above, you will first need to select the AI Import map into the window which pops up.) This popup window will stay open as you process packages until you click the "Close" button. Enter the invoice number you wish to process and press [Enter]. The package information will load into the ship window. Modify it as necessary, enter the weight (or let your attached scale enter it automatically) and process the shipment.

          This method finds the invoice information in your import.txt file and moves the data into Worldship. Once you create a new import.txt file, it will overwrite the data in this file, so if you do not intend to process al the invoices in the text file, you should use the Batch Import method.

      • Method 2: Batch Import
          Go to UPS Online Connect >Batch Import. Select the "AuctionInc-Import" map and click "Next" twice, and the packages in the IMPORT.txt file will be saved into Worldship. In order to bring up each package, go to the Pickup Log from the main Shippng window (shortcut: F3 key). Click on \"Imported Shipments\" and drill down to find your shipment (they are in alphabeteical order by name). Highlight the correct package and hit F7 (Edit) to load the package into the Shipping Window.

          This method is appropriate if you do not expect to process all the packages in a given exported batch. The data in IMPORT.txt will be directly uploaded into Worldship and still available after you create another IMPORT.txt file.
          This method is also appropriate if you are using the network version of Worldship. In this case, be sure you import the import.txt file from the PC you are using as the server. You will then be able to bring up the packages from any of your client PCs.

Working with Worldship

Process shipments in Worldship as you normally do. Please take note of these points:
  • Do not change the values in the Reference Number 1 or Reference Number 5 fields. These are used to match the data between AuctionInc and Worldship.
  • AuctionInc defaults the addresses as commercial in Worldship. If you know the address is residential, check the appropriate box in Worldship\'s address screen.

Moving your Data from Worldship to AI: Detailed Steps

Follow these steps to move your data from Worldship back into AI. By doing so, your invoice information will be updated and the invoice status moved to 'shipped', and shipping confirmations (including a link to tracking information) will go out automatically to your customers.

  1. Create the Export File
      After you have completed the "End of Day" processing in Worldship, go to UPS Online Connect >Batch Export. The Batch Export Data window will come up. Make sure the AuctionInc-Export map is highlighted. Select the date period covering the period since your last export. Click Next in this window and the next one; the export file will be created. Click "Save."

  2. Upload Data into AI
      From the AI Control Panel, click on Import From Manifest in the Shipping Panel. Select Worldship from the Dropdown selections. Click the Browse button and browse to your C:\\ai_ups directory and select the export.txt file (NOT the import.txt file!). Finally, click on the "Import Now" button. Your file will be processed; depending on how many packages are in your import, processing may take a minute or two. When it is complete, the window will show summary statistics.

      Any errors that occur during this import process will be reported in Manifest Errors in the Shipping Panel. Errors can occur if the system cannot find a matching invoice, if the invoice is not in the expected Fullfillment status, or if the invoice was never exported to your manifest. After you have investigated and fixed the situation that created the error, you can clear the error and re-import your file.

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