How do I add the shipping calculator to my auctions?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 14 Aug 06 12:59 PM

The first step to adding the calculator to your auctions is to complete the registration and Setup Wizard. 

Once you have done so, there are two ways of adding the calculator to your auctions. 

The first way is to use the Calculator Injector. This is used AFTER the auction(s) have been listed on eBay.  It is most useful in getting our calculator into your existing auctions at the time you begin using our product.

More typically, you will want to add our calculator at the same time you list your auctions.ÂUse our HTML Wizard to generate the calculator HTML, and then include this HTML somewhere in your item description section.

Both of these tools are available from the Control Panel.

One of the great things about how the calculator works is that, if you use auction listing templates, you only need to generate the HTML once using the HTML Wizard. Once the HTML has been inserted into your template, all you need to do is to adjust the shipping properties for the items as you are listing them.  AuctionInc will pick up these values the first time the calculator is used on the individual auction. 

Information on editing the calculator HTML property is available here.

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