Limitations on Features for Mals Plug-In
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 07 Aug 06 02:29 PM

While our Mals Plug-In is a powerful product that provides highly accurate shipping rates in the vast majority of instances, there are some limitations on the product due to the technology involved in the communications between Mals and AuctionInc.  These constraints lead to some limitations on the product features as compared to our own cart product, AI ShopCart.  We want you to be aware of these limitations.

Our Plug-In calculator for Mals ecommerce carts receives limited information from your Mals cart.  Rather than having access on data for each individual item in the cart, Mals passes to AuctionInc just summary data for all the items together, ie, the total weight (units) and the total price.

This limit in turn places some restrictions on the features available for the plug-in as compared to our own "native" ShopCart product.  These include:

- determining when to start up a new package is based on your configured package "split" weight rather than the individual weight of each the items in the cart;

- Items are always packaged together, ie, you cannot designate some items as always packaged seperately;

- Utilizing item dimensions to rate oversized items, calculate dimensional weight ,or qualify for Priority Mail flat rate boxes is not available;

- Whether to add insurance is determined by your global insurance setting, rather than on an item-by-item basis;

- Offering optional insurance is not available at this time;

- Supplemental handling for a particular item is not available;

- Drop shipping (ie, different origin codes per item) is not available.

- On-demand services, ie, restricting a carrier service to particular items is not available.

- All shipping is based on calculated rates.  Fixed rate shipping is not available. 

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