Do You Need Item Dimensions for all your Items?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 20 Jul 11 08:07 PM

(Does not apply to Mals plug-in.)

Item dimensions are important these days for generating accurate rates, for a variety of reasons, but sometimes it can be very difficult to procure them. This is especially true if you are drop-shipping.  Or, you may have generated your HTML for your Add to Cart buttons (ShopCart) long ago and dont want to have to edit or redo them.

So, the question arises, if you want to add item dimensions for some items, or even one item, do you need to add them for all items?

The short answer is no. We will work with the item data that you provide us in the most efficient and practical way possible.

The details:

- When we are determining the size of the package/s that our packaging engine creates, we will add up the dimensions of all the items in the package that have dimensions, and if there are any items that dont have dimensions, those items simply wont be considered when the package dimensions are calculated.

- When our packaging engine determines when to start creating additional packages to hold all the items in the shipment, one of the factors it uses is the size of the box we are creating. Obviously the more items that have dimensions the better, but if you have one or a few items that are particularly large, including dimensions for those items will allow our engine a better chance of creating the appropriate number of packages to hold the items in the shipment.

- Since carriers determine if the package will be rated based on its dimensions, the more items in the package whose dimensions have been listed the better, but again, if you have one or a few items that are particularly large, then including dimensions for these items will generate far more accurate rates, even if there are other items in the shipment for which you havent listed dimensions.

- If you use USPS or FedEx flat rate boxes, we do require that ALL the items in the package/s we have created have item dimensions for the package to be considered for pricing at the flat rate box price. In this case, we dont want to be pricing the service at the lower flat rate if indeed all the items cant fit into the flat rate box.

So, bottom line: some item dimensions are better than none, particularly if you have larger or unusually-shaped items. But if you are using flat rate boxes for USPS or FedEx Priority Mail, any item in the shipment that doesnt have dimensions will mean no possibility of a flat rate box pricing.

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