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How can I use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes in ShopCart?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by Doug Sherman on 08 Jan 16 07:24 PM

If you have enabled "Use USPS Flat Rate boxes when appropriate" for USPS on our Carrier Settings page, we will try to package the items in your customer's order into one of the four types of flat rate boxes for Priority Mail that the USPS offers. If you have selected "Commercial Base" as your USPS Entry Point, your items will also be tested for fit into one of the USPS Regional boxes.

In order for us to determine whether the items will fit, you will need to include dimensions for all your products.  Since any amount of weight will still cost the same fixed amount as long as it can fit into one of their two box types, your customer can save a substantial amount in shipping costs in many circumstances.  We will compare what the package would cost based on weight to the cost of the flat rate box and return to the customer whichever rate is cheaper.

How will you know if the package qualified for a Flat Rate Box (and was so priced)?  The order detail from PayPal or Amazon lists your customer's selected ship service.  If they selected one of the shipping services that offers flat rate products,  and the package did qualify,the appropriate code will appear next to the selected service: "FRB1", "FRB2" (the two regular-sized flat rate boxes), "LFRB" (the large flat rate box) or "SFRB" (the small flat rate box). Example:  "Priority Mail (FRB1)".

The Priority Mail Regional Box codes are: "REG-A1" and "REG-A2" (the two versions of the smallest box), "REG-B1" and "REG-B2" (the two versions of the middle box). The "REG-C" (largest box) has been discontinued as of 2016.

What if the order consists of multiple packages?  If one of them qualified for a flat rate box, one of the above codes will be listed in your order. If there are multiple packages that have been packaged into any of the flat rate envelopes or boxes, the code will read "Multiple FRB". 

We also offer support for the Priority and Express Mail flat rate envelopes; you can select to enable testing for these as well in a separate setting.

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