Uses of our Shipping API
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PAID's Shipping API, enables any web site or e-commerce venue to quickly integrate through a single source to supply comparative shipping rates across multiple carriers into their applications. Integration to the API is done using industry standard XML over HTTP, making access possible using any programming language or hardware platform.

Unlike other available shipping rate engines, Paid has tackled the most difficult shipping problems, addressing the issues of the packaging materials, handling fees, insurance, dimensional analysis, tiered promotional discounts and drop-shipping, to name a few. With the API, merchants can add accurate real-time comparative shipping rates to their web site which will give them a competitive advantage and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Shipping API's support for international shipping rates will allow merchants to enter the international market space more confidently knowing that they won't loose money shipping world wide.

PAID's shipping  API has a broad range of uses, including:

  • Hosting companies looking to add shipping calculations into an existing shopping cart.
  • Programmers and developers who need to provide shipping quotes for their web store.
  • E-commerce venues looking to incorporate shipping calculations for their vendors.
  • Mail-order call centers that need to provide quick shipping quotes over the phone.

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