Can I offer free shipping to my customers?
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Our products provide two methods for you to offer free shipping to your customers:

For a specific item:
When you set an item to our "Free Shipping" option in the HTML Wizard,  our shipping engine will bypass determining a calculation for that particular item.  (For your existing items, simply set your value for the "calc_method" form field to "N" for "no charge").  If there are multiple items in the cart, shipping for the no-charge items will not be in the total shipping amount.  If the only item in the Cart is the no-charge item, the Cart will show "No Charge" for a shipping amount.

We also offer a combination calculation method:  Calculated International or "CI". If this method is used, shipping will be free for the item is the shipping destination selected is domestic (relative to the shipping origin country) and carrier-calculated if the destination is free. This option gives you a way to offer free shipping to customers in your own country for selected intems without having to incur the expense of offering free shipping to international destinations.

Please do NOT attempt to offer free shipping by setting the item weight to "0". Most of our carriers will round this up to 1 lb.

For any item:
Using our Promotional Shipping Discount feature, you can offer free or discounted shipping based your customer exceeding a selected cart total threshold. To offer free shipping above your threshold, simply set the discount to 100%.  See the Help link on the Promotional Discounts page for more detailed information. 



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