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How can I offer various options (ie color, size) for an Item?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by on 21 Sep 06 02:07 PM

Often your item comes in one or more variations, such as size, color, model, etc. Instead of needing to create a separate Add to Cart button for each of these variations, you can easily set up "Item Attributes" for any of your items (not available for FreeCalc or ShipCalc).

To do this use popup Item Attributes feature of the HTML Wizard for your product to create various Attribute names, (ie, size) each with their own values. As you use the form each time, either pick an attribute name you have established (and add an addtional values) or create a new attribute name.

As you add item attribute values, you can also set a different price for that attribute value. For example, you may charge more for a Large size. You can also, for one of your attributes, change the weight or dimensions for each value.

You can create as many Item Attributes (each with its own drop-down list or set or radio buttons) as you wish.

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