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How do I know if my customer selected Optional Insurance?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import) on 21 Sep 06 10:38 AM

If you are offering optional insurance (configured on the Carrier Settings page) and the total value of the package is under your insurance threshold (and the item in question is flagged as insurable in the item HTML), then your customer has the option of adding insurance to the package. This option is available as a checkbox in the cart once the customer has entered their postal code. If the customer checks the box for Optional Insurance, after updating the cart the Shipping & Handling charge will include the insurance. This total amount is what is then sent over to PayPal upon Checkout.

This raises the question, how do you do if your customer selected insurance on this order?

The way you will know this is by examining the line items in the cart. The last line item always provides the details on your customer's shipping selection. If insurance was selected, the line item will indicate it. An example:

Via: UPS Ground (Insured)

So if you offer optional insurance, just be aware that if our Shipping line item states it, then the customer selected it. If it does not, then the customer did not add insurance.

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