Does our calculator work with the PayPal Shopping Cart?
Posted by Doug Sherman (Import), Last modified by Doug Sherman on 10 Apr 13 12:38 PM

It doesnt actaully integrate with the PayPal cart; it replaces it.  Consider our product an "upgrade" from the PayPal cart.  Many of the cart features are basically the same as the PayPal cart (and we have made it as "backwards" compatible as possible) but it takes up where PayPal leaves off in the management of shipping.  Whereas PayPal only offers fixed shipping rates, we have integrated our innovative shipping calculator into our own PayPal-style cart.

Much like the PayPal Cart, our cart works by pasting HTML code next to your items you are selling to create  "Add to Cart" buttons. Once clicked the items your customer wants to buy are added to the cart and the buyer can then checkout using PayPal.  At any time during the process of placing items in the cart, your customer can view real-time, accurate comparative rates from the shipping services you provide.  Our shipping "engine" is very intelligent, knowing how to handle such issues as adding additional weight to account for packaging materials and how to split up, if necessary, multiple items into multiple packages.  Of course, we also handle a variety of additional factors such as handling, taxes, insurance and special carrier costs such as delivery confirmation that you may wish to provide.

If you are interested in our "PayPal" ShopCart, please email our Sales Department at for more information on your questions or just click here to learn more.

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