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Amazon Payments for ShopCart
Posted by Doug Sherman, Last modified by Doug Sherman on 26 Aug 14 04:28 PM

Amazon Payments is probably the fastest-growing payment method on the Internet, and allows you to offer and rapid and convenient checkout process to the millions of customers with existing Amazon accounts (customers without a current account can quickly create one as part of checkout). Mobile checkout is supported, security and fraud protection are top-notch, and commission rates are very similar to PayPal.

Checkout By Amazon Account Registration

You need to register for an Amazon Payments business account, specifically for Checkout By Amazon:

  1. Go to the Checkout By Amazon website where you can register for an account  (if you already have an Amazon business account, just go directly to your Seller Central account.)
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button and complete the sign-up process.

Enter Account Credentials in AuctionInc

Afer you have registered, you will manage your account and orders via the Amazon Seller Central site ( Please log into this site, locate and enter on Checkout Settings these three credentials:

  1. Amazon Merchant ID: Settings Menu (right side of top menu) => Checkout Pipline Settings => "Your Merchant ID"

    To generate the Access Key and Access Key ID listed below, you may need to first "Create an AWS account". Follow the instructions on the Access Key page.) 

  2. Amazon Access Key ID: Integration Menu (top of page) => Access Key => "Your Access Key ID" 

  3. Amazon Access Key: Integration Menu (top of page) => Access Key => "Your Secret Access Key"

Enter Amazon Integrator IPN Setting

Please go to Settings => Checkout Pipeline Settings and click the "Edit" button.

Enter the following as your Integrator URL:

Other Amazon Central Settings

Also on the Checkout Pipeline Settings page, if you have pages set up for this on your site, or wish to create them, you may wish to enter values for Successful Payment URL and Cancel Payment URL. If you do so, the customer will be taken to that page upon either completing or cancelling their Amazon Checkout. If you do not enter URLs, that's OK; they will go to a standard Amazon page that offers options on tracking the order, etc.

Amazon Payments Button

You have two color options and three size options for the checkout button on the cart page.

Amazon Checkout Destination

Amazon Payments offers a "sandbox" setting. This allows you to test the checkout process without creating real orders. As opposed to PayPal, you do not need to first establish a separate sandbox account. You would only want to use this before you have put our cart "live" on your site (by adding our "Add to Cart" buttons to live pages on your site. In your Seller Central account, you can switch to "sandbox view" in order to see these orders. Be sure to change your configuration back to "live" when you are done testing!

The Amazon Checkout & Order Management Flow

  • Similar to our integration to PayPal, when the customer clicks on the Amazon Payments button, they are transferred to the Amazon Payments checkout site, where they can either log in or indicate that they are a new customer to Amazon Payments.

  • Shipping is calculated in the cart, and passed to Amazon. The shipping rates that are configured in your Amazon Seller Central account are not used. You may want to add text to this effect on your Seller Help pages for Shipping Policies and Shipping Rates (Settings => Info & Policies).
  • The selected Shipping Address in Amazon Payments must match the country/zip entered in the cart, so that the calculated postage in your AuctionInc cart will always be accurate. You may also want to add text to this effect in your Shipping Help pages.

  • Taxes are also calculated in the AuctionInc cart according to your AuctionInc tax configuration. Any taxes you have configured in Amazon Seller Central are ignored.

  • Upon completion of payment, both you and the customer will receive order emails from Amazon (the seller email is delayed about a half hour, giving the customer some time to cancel the order).

  • Your email from Amazon will indicate that the order is ready to ship. Once you have shipped the order, you must mark the order as "shipped" on your Orders page in your Amazon Seller account. Only then is the customer payment actually processed. (This differs from PayPal, where the payment is immediately processed at the time of the order.) Marking the order as shipped also sends out an email to the customer. If you have a tracking number, you can include it in this email.

  • Any Promotions you set up in your Amazon Seller account are valid and can be used in conjunction with or replacement for any coupons or Shipping Promotions you configure in AuctionInc.
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